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ADHD begins in childhood and manifests as an inability to marshal and sustain attention and modulate activity level and impulsive actions,” said lead author Dr Mu-Hong Chen, of the Department of Psychology at Taipei Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan.“When looking at the database as a whole, children born in August were more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and/or receive ADHD medication than those born in September.Most importantly, her diagnosis has enabled her to anticipate and avoid problems.‘I’m dealing with it quite well as I have a job that’s motivating me,’ she says.The condition is normally diagnosed between the ages of three to seven.However some neuroscientists believe the condition does not exist at all arguing that most people will display some, or all of the sighs during their lifetime.This decision on the type of treatment would be influenced by the degree of impairment experienced by the individual.

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It’s a full-on job, but she only takes Ritalin from time to time – for example, to get through a long meeting.

This is then coupled with information obtained from a clinical interview by a specialist paediatrician or psychiatrist.

The option to treat with medication is not taken lightly and consideration is also given to psychological strategies to support the individual.

‘ADHD keeps me incredibly dedicated and motivated at work. If I have to write a report or a presentation, I power on through.

I’m best when there’s a bit of stress driving me.’Exercise is essential – daily high-intensity training in the gym, mountain biking at weekends, snowboarding in winter. ‘I find it difficult to have nothing to do.’ Having a cleaner to manage her messiness and a ‘chilled’ husband have also been a godsend.

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