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In the early nineteen-seventies, when Kilmarnock town centre was being improved, it was suggested that there might be built a museum of local history, with a replica of Wilsons press as the centrepiece.Nothing came of this, and on making inquiries I was told that the problem seemed to be that nobody really knew what the press looked like.One of the few perks in working for the Tizer occurred on race days, when five or six of us were chosen to sell race cards.We were taken in the van up to the racecourse, each with a bundle of programmes which we sold, at a shilling each, from the wee booths provided for us.The places named have to be in areas where I can make a case that similar alteration under Norse influence is unlikely.That cuts out most of Dumfriesshire, and probably the coastal stretch of Galloway. From Bill Morton, : This suggestion may be totally wrong as I am no expert but is it possible that the farm of Skellyhill at the end of the road which starts at Kirkland Road in Darvel is the location you are looking for?

Some names from the shop floor that I can just about remember: George Rilley (foreman), Emlyn Taffy Evans (father of chapel), Jimmie Findlater, Jimmie Austin, Ernie Middleton, Hugh Frazer, Dick Mc David, Georgie Blane.

I couldn't find it in the Scottish National Archives or SCAN websites. The specific subject in this case is the transmission of possible Anglian (Northumbrian) place-names in Scotland in areas where the Old English language may have died out uder pressure from the Cumbric language of early medieval southern Scotland (related to Welsh) or to medieval Gaelic.

Useful material in this search is incredibly rare, hence the chasing up of such shadows!

In 1953 I started as an apprentice in the Irvine Valley News in Newmilns, where I still live.

When my time was out I did two years National Service, then, on demob in 1960, after being interviewed by W. Dunlop, I got a job as a compositor in the Advertiser, where I stayed for just over a year.

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