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I would also like to have a meeting with you to discuss the possibility of obtaining tutors in this endeavor.

Please let me know one way or the other, Hedwig will wait for a reply. Harry Potter Harry reread the letter and figured it was good enough to get the message across. " Hedwig hooted again and eagerly awaited Harry to attach the letter so she could perform her duty for her human."Take this to Mc Gonagall and wait for a response okay." Hedwig nipped Harry's finger affectionately and set out on her journey. Harry thought and set out to complete his next task.

She was a younger lady, about 25, blond hair, brown eyes with a very bubbly personality; Harry walked to the counter and asked, "Excuse me but do you have any muggle born information packs available?

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He took a deep breath to compose himself and started to speak, "Um Sara do you have any books on Mind Magic available?"Sara was slightly shocked at this inquiry, but answered back, "I'm sorry dear but we don't carry anything here but we do have a catalog that has titles that we don't normally stock.Would you like one, it only costs five Sickles.""Yes please." Harry responded"Alright then here you go, now lets take care of the rest shall we."Sara started to ring up his purchases and noticed the titles Harry was buying.Harry looked around for anything on Mind Magic but came up empty.Deciding to ask Sara about it Harry went back to the counter where she was busy taking care of a customer.

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