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I highly suggest 10lb for crankin' lipless & topwater, as well as spinnerbaits 1/2oz & under.17lb can handle the bigger stuff in cover without issue."), so I baited an anchovie, tossed it out, and a yellow immediately ate the bait and took off like a bat out of hell. I unhooked the fish after landing it and tossed out another 'chovie without retying the hook. Out of 12 rods I know only have 1 with braid for flipping in really nasty stuff.I threw the reel into gear, let it run around 25 yards (it took mere seconds! Again, I stopped another nice yellowfin in its tracks. I have run this line through anything & everything I can find just to see how it holds up & to say I am impressed is an understatement. From: Comments: Got a lot of recommendation for this cxx & floroclear line, finally bought some spools in 4, 6, 8 & 12lbs. I tested it hard for two years & not giving up on it.P Line started out on the West Coast and was quickly adopted as the best co-polymer line on the market by a wide variety of anglers.Bass fishermen liked the natural green color for stained water or the crystal clear for the clear water lakes, and the abrasion resistance when fishing around structure is incredible.Try a small spool to fill a couple of reels if you haven't tried it already or buy the economical 600 or 3000 yard spools if you already know how good P Line really is.Comments: I CANNOT say enough good things about this line, its the best all around line BAR NONE!!!!

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Stretch is definitely there but not high, has no effect on strong hooksets.I used it on my baitcaster & its tuff line very strong cast fine the knot strength is awesome I don't recommend this line to much memory and the diameter is a thick you lose casting distance I believe.I'm going to stick with cx premium its the best line out their if it ain't broke don't fix it!I inspected my line and find the abrasion resistance to be acceptable for my applications. As others say, yes it is a bit stiff, but wow at the advantages.From: Comments: I just returned from 3 days of fishing for Flounder and Redfish in Galveston Bay- an unforgiving aquatic environment. The 15# was so strong and abrasion resistant that I had to wrap it on a boga grip to get enough pull to break it off when that became necessary.

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