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Are we going to deny that the entire state of Pennsylvania was founded by Quakers and expunge any of their symbols from state figures and property? Are they going to attack the official seal of Puerto Rico?It has a pictorial presentation of Jesus as the lamb of God with references to John the Baptist in Latin: Obviously, anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of the First Amendment knows that the Establishment Clause was designed to do the exact opposite.This is not the system of government we adopted 230 years ago.A court doesn’t have veto power like an executive outside of a valid case with a legitimate grievance — and most certainly can’t actively demand a county redraw their flag.A court can only adjudicate a case with valid standing that has a re-dressable grievance; a court cannot rule on a policy and most certainly not on an inanimate object.There is no reason anyone should get standing to sue in this case.

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Folks, this is exactly what distinguishes the phony “respectable” Republican judges from people like Judge Roy Moore.In fact, it was to prevent even the , much less the unelected federal judiciary running rogue shot over states.As Clarence Thomas wrote in his partial concurrence in Town of Greece v.Why even have state governments if we are going to grant a judicial veto to unelected judges over every state symbol, much less state policy?It’s one thing for a federal court to stay an individual execution based on ridiculous logic.

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