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The coach of a team has a job to coordinate all of the positions of the players.He/she has to convey the goals of the team and get them excited and focused on the same goal (group visualization).

I dated a great man who ended up being pretty traditional and didn’t want me to work that much, and didn’t want to share chores and childcare equally, and these were reasons it did not work out.When she was first married, she realized that where chores were concerned, her husband was happy to have her be a slave and she knew that she had to work to adjust her situation if she wanted something different.She remembered her great-grandmother’s advice that lingerie was like kryptonite for men.So, if you fall into that category and this works for you, then great!But I’m writing this article because as a psychologist who specializes in dating and relationships, many successful single women tell me that if they are going to work so hard at their career, they’d like a mate who will split the domestic and childcare equally, but they don’t know how to create that situation.

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