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It’s all fun and games for a while, but the shallowness of it all got boring.And then there are the aspects of Dubai life that didn’t sit right with me morally.First, I’d have been arrested, deported or at the very least, my site would have been banned. But with recent news that a Brit in Dubai faces jail for brushing past a man in a bar and the resulting outrage in the UK media, I thought I’d impart some wisdom about the negative stuff in Dubai and the rules most prospective visitors to the UAE don’t know about. This recent news story shows just how important it is to be aware of the rules in Dubai.One of the most common backlashes in the comment sections of articles about foreigners getting in trouble in Dubai is that he or she should have played by the UAE’s rules, and that’s fair enough – but how many people visiting Dubai Now that I’ve left Dubai, I thought I’d share what I know in the hope that it will help people. My social calendar was packed out with brunches at five-star hotels and ‘ladies nights’ where I could throw gin down my neck to my heart’s content and not spend a penny.Here are the big things that tourists should be aware of before they book a holiday in Dubai.

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No, as long as it’s consumed in a licensed hotel bar and you have a personal alcohol license, which expats can obtain from their employer.

The country’s magnificent success is quite plainly built using modern day slave labour.

I saw it daily when I passed men from Bangladesh and India dressed in blue boiler suits, toiling all day in insane heat for very little pay, before being shuttled back to their ‘camps’.

Don’t get me wrong; I embraced the inauthenticity wholeheartedly while I was there.

I rented yachts and rolled my eyes at taxi drivers who didn’t know where the Palm was when the real problem was the people who hired them.

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