Outlook calendar not updating time zone

I believe it defaults to UTC unless it's switched to another time zone setting. Silly question, but have you checked in Outlook's preferences to make sure it's not set to UTC time zone there?The Business Impact Statement is used to demonstrate how important the request we’re making is and how much the current design is crippling your business." and "Nothing can be done in Mac Outlook to change this.This same design is also in Mac Outlook 2011 and the design didn’t change when Mac Outlook 2016 released." If you're connecting Outlook to O365, rather than an Exchange server, check the settings in your account's webmail.Events created on your i OS device are send to an Exchange server.This server converts your i OS Time Zone settings to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), When it comes back to your i OS device, it's not converted back to local time.

Please ensure you installed "Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.3.2 Update" "Coordinated Universal Time was not included when you created a calendar event in Outlook for Mac Adds Coordinated Universal Time (UTC 0 without a DST offset) to the list of available time zones when you create a calendar event." With Time Zone Data Update Tool you can fix appointment times 32 bit Turning on Time Zone support also allows you to set a time zone for specific events that are either created in or contained within Calendar app: Any events with unique time zones set will sync across to i OS devices that are configured with the same Apple ID and i Cloud account.Because the i Phone is typically always connected to the internet through cellular connections, it will adjust the time automatically to changes in location, and the Calendar events with zones set will reflect that. If you’re interested we could submit a design change request with the PG on this. When we filed a bug report with MS we got the following: "The product group has received lots of feedback on this.

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