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For a light-hearted app, the design and look are of the highest quality.

The main dashboard lets you browse phrases alphabetically or search for specific words.

They had also printed a strip called "The Nice Honest Gypsies" on the very next page.

Not to be confused with North American anime importer Viz Media.

You can also browse by subject: romance, perversion, unmentionables, self-abuse... A single tap on an entry will save it to a favourites list for future jocular relief while the cloud button generates 27 random words you may wish to probe further. The status screen lets you post content directly to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and there is a handy 4x1 widget which throws random definitions to your home-screen.

Thirteen years later and "the man from the telly" can now spice up your descriptive and euphemistic powers through this handy app.Roger's Profanisaurus is a humorous book published in the United Kingdom by Dennis Publishing which is written in the style of a lexicon of profane words and expressions.It is a spin-off publication from the popular British adult comic Viz and features one of the comic's characters, the foul-mouthed Roger Mellie "the Man on the Telly".More This book was first given to a colleague as a "secret santa" gift....smutty but incredibly funny, the entire office has been in uncontollable laughter for two days!

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