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"Anonymity is not safe in the OR," says Marty Makary, M.

D., author of Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care.

Virginia Mason also takes the unusual step of tracking medications prescribed outside the hospital — staff can learn if a patient has actually filled a prescription.

That could change the treatment if the hospital staff notices that a patient admitted with high blood pressure, for instance, hasn't been filling prescriptions.

"It basically eliminates transcription errors," says Anthony J. D., senior vice president for quality and patient safety at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Based on the nonprofit's survey, it even named Virginia Mason a top hospital of the decade in 2010. In short, Virginia Mason made becoming the safest hospital in America a top priority.

Instead, they injected her with an antiseptic — a topical cleaning agent — that had been stored in an unlabeled container on the same tray as the dye.

The antiseptic blocked the flow of blood in her leg, which swelled to twice its normal size.

En español l In November 4, 2004, Mary Mc Clinton, a beloved 69-year-old social worker and mother of four, checked into Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle for a relatively complex but routine procedure to treat a brain aneurysm.

Doctors planned to inject her with a contrast dye to help them guide a stent into her brain, via a catheter in her leg, to repair the aneurysm.

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