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While Tessa remains unsure on what exactly are they, Mariah takes matters into her own hands.

What's more, though she misses Britain terribly and pines for family and friends, she finds it easier to stay sober in the U. The former model and actress, who is a successful novelist, has not had a drink since February 2008 and goes to AA meetings.

As Sophie prepares for a traditional English wedding to jazz singer Jamie Cullum, Tessa has cut her last ties with Britain.

Nanny Maureen Noble, who joined the family when Sophie was a baby and raised the children when Tessa was at the height of her drink and drug addictions, has retired. Maureen raised the children, she's been with us through thick and thin.

Tessa is still very much the slender beauty who beguiled Peter Sellers, Dai Llewellyn and David Hemmings - but now she lives alone, apart from her many pets.

A Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Brewster sleeps in the corner of her front room next to the computer.

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