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In fact, I never really knew if Kat masturbated or not, it just wasn't something that our family shared with each other.So there I was, standing there in our parents' bedroom, watching them fuck.My family was brought up with the ideal that nudity was different than sex.Me, my sister, and my parents could all be naked around each other and it wasn't sexual, it was just the way we were.After I started getting erections, I thought maybe my parents would sit me down and lecture me about the difference between nudity and sex. In fact, whenever I got a hard-on, they seemed to either ignore it or be amused by it.It was confusing, but as long as they didn't mind, I couldn't help it.Like our parents, she never seemed bothered by it, in fact I think she felt embarrassed or flattered, because she always smiled when she saw my hard dick.

They just smiled at me, and then returned their focus to each other. "Yeah, they told me I should go relieve myself." Kat burst out laughing, and it put me at ease. " "You can look at me if you want," she said, with a kind of softness that told me she was very aroused by the thought of me watching her while I masturbated.We didn't have a giant bathtub that we all got into together, but it wasn't uncommon for my sister to ask me to wash her hair for her, or for mom and dad to take a bath together. Over time, mom and dad became more open with their affection.They were always touching each other, ever since I could remember.I took after our father, who was good-looking and nicely built too.Even though I was only nine months older than Kat, I think that I had developed faster, which was unusual for boys.

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