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It says Bradford’s “current rail offer is poor with low frequencies, slow journey times and no direct connectivity with key cities such as Liverpool and Sheffield” and argues that the city is ripe for investment.The report says that more traditional rail improvements in Bradford are significantly harder to achieve because of “a combination of short platform lengths and the fact that both city centre stations are termini”.He said: “Everything we read just points to the fact that this has got to happen - no ifs, buts or maybes.

“The advantages are clear and for me, when I read it, I think actually they have done an incredibly good job on the creation of the report and make a very strong case for the city.” Mr Garthwaite said Bradford had a young population and that “we must have that connectivity for our young people”.

The evidence makes “a compelling case for an NPR stop at Bradford due to the potential range of benefits it can bring”, it says.

The report, commissioned by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, has already been sent to the Government as well as transport body Transport for the North, which will soon recommend to ministers whether to include Bradford on the line.

He said all authorities in West Yorkshire had to remain united behind Bradford's campaign for it to succeed.

The studies have been "vital" in helping to grow the campaign for high-speed rail to come to Bradford.

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