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Well regarded for its level of detail, assessment features, and challenging review questions and exercises, this study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the exam the first time.

The study guide helps you master all the topics on the MCSA 70-697 exam, "Configuring Windows Devices," and the MCSA 70-698 exam, "Installing and Configuring Windows 10": all the knowledge you need to earn MCSA: Windows 10 certification.

” Quiz 193 Foundation Topics 196 Active Directory 196 The Building Blocks of Active Directory 196 Joining a Domain 198 Remote Server Administration Tools 201 Installing RSAT on Client Workstations 201 Active Directory Users and Computers 203 Group Policies 206 Creating and Applying GPOs 207 UAC 211 Windows in an Enterprise Environment 211 The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) 212 Activation of Windows Computers in the Enterprise 216 Implement Volume Activation Using a KMS 217 Implement Active Directory-Based Activation 219 Query and Configure Activation States 220 Exam Preparation Tasks 222 Chapter 5 Installing and Managing Software 225 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 225 Foundation Topics 228 Microsoft Account 228 Sign In Using a Microsoft Account 228 Domain Accounts 231 Managing the Use of Microsoft Accounts 231 Integrating Microsoft Accounts Including Personalization Settings 232 Windows Store and Cloud Apps 233 Introduction to Windows Store Apps 234 Installing and Managing Software by Using Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Store Apps 235 Configuring and Managing Office 365 235 Managing Software Using Office 365 237 Updating Windows Store Apps 238 Controlling Windows Store Access 239 Sideloading Apps 240 Sideloading into Online and Offline Images 243 Sideloading Apps Using Microsoft Intune 244 Deep Link Apps by Using Microsoft Intune 248 Exam Preparation Tasks 249 Chapter 6 Windows 10 Networking 253 “Do I Know This Already?

In some cases this may make a bit difficult to find the homophone, for example there is a line: "know no" under the k's but you will not find "no" under the n's. If you find errors or want to make additions, the numbers should allow easier identification of the problem or suggestion.

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” Quiz 75 Foundation Topics 82 Preparing for Installation Requirements 82 Evaluating Hardware Readiness and Compatibility 82 Windows 10 Hardware Requirements (Including Screen Resolution) 82 Hardware Compatibility 83 Using 32-Bit or 64-Bit Windows 84 Software Compatibility 86 Determining Appropriate Editions According to Device Type 88 Mobile Devices 88 Other Devices 88 Determining Requirements for Windows Features 89 Performing a Clean Installation 90 Performing an Attended Installation 90 Performing an Unattended Installation of Windows 10 97 Understanding Answer Files 97 Understanding Configuration Passes 98 Creating an Answer File 98 Using the Answer Files to Perform an Unattended Installation 105 Dual-Booting Windows 10 105 Boot Management Programs Used by Windows 10 106 Setting Up a Dual-Boot System 106 Refreshing Windows 10 107 Troubleshooting Failed Installations 108 Stop Errors or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) 108 Stopped Installation 110 Upgrading to Windows 10 110 Choosing Between an Upgrade and a Clean Installation 112 Preparing a Computer to Meet Upgrade Requirements 112 Upgrading the Computer to Windows 10 113 Upgrading from One Edition of Windows 10 to Another 115 Using Alternate Installation Media 117 Installing to a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) 117 Understanding VHDs 117 Types of Virtual Hard Disks 118 Tools Used with Virtual Hard Disks 119 Using Disk Management 120 Installing Windows 10 to a VHD 122 Installing Additional Windows Features 124 Configuring Windows for Additional Regional and Language Support 127 Configuring Native Boot Scenarios 129 Best Practices for Using Native-Boot VHDs 130 Booting VHDs 131 Exam Preparation Tasks 133 Chapter 3 Post-Installation Configuration 137 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 138 Foundation Topics 143 Configuring and Customizing the User Interface, According to Device Type 143 Configuring the Start Menu and Taskbar 143 Group Policies for Start Menu and Taskbar 148 Configuring the Desktop 150 Configuring Notification Settings 151 Configuring Windows 10 Options 152 Configuring Accessibility Options 153 Cortana and the Windows 10 Search 154 Cortana Group Policy Settings 156 Configuring Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 156 Microsoft Edge 157 Internet Explorer 158 Compatibility View 159 Smart Screen Filter 160 Internet Explorer Group Policies 161 Internet Explorer Compared to Edge 163 Configuring Hyper-V 164 Configuring Power Settings 165 Configuring Devices and Device Drivers 165 Device Setup 166 Devices and Printers 167 Updating Drivers 169 Using Device Manager 169 Using Device Manager to Uninstall Drivers 173 Using Device Manager to Disable Drivers 173 Maintaining Device Drivers 173 Managing and Troubleshooting Drivers and Driver Signing 173 Driver Signing Requirements in Windows 10 174 Checking Drivers for Digital Signatures 175 Driver Installation Permissions in Windows 10 176 Managing Driver Packages 177 Resolving Driver Issues 178 Using Device Manager to Resolve Driver Conflicts 178 Using Windows 10 Rollback to Resolve a Problem Driver 182 Configuring Driver Settings 183 Driver Verifier 184 Advanced Driver Settings 185 Using Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) to Add Driver Packages 187 Exam Preparation Tasks 190 Chapter 4 Managing Windows in an Enterprise 193 “Do I Know This Already?

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Watermarked e Book FAQ e Book Download Instructions The exciting new MCSA 70-697 and 70-698 Cert Guide, Premium Edition e Book and Practice Test is a digital-only certification preparation product combining an e Book with enhanced Pearson Test Prep practice test software.

Topics include Exam 70-697: · Managing identity · Planning desktop and device deployment · Planning and implementing a Microsoft Intune device management solution · Configuring networking and storage · Managing data access and protection · Managing remote access, apps, updates, and recovery Exam 70-698: · Implementing Windows · Configuring and supporting core services · Managing and maintaining Windows  Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 11 and the Index) Introduction xxvi Chapter 1 Introducing Windows 10 3 “Do I Know This Already?

” Quiz 4 Foundation Topics 8 A Brief History of Windows 8 Windows 10 9 Windows 10 Editions 10 Features Tour of Windows 10 13 Improvements Provided in Versions 15 13 Improvements Provided in Version 1607 15 A Quick Tour of Windows 10 17 Cortana and the Windows 10 Search 20 The Get Started App 21 Configuring the Windows 10 Taskbar 23 Toolbars 24 Windows 10 Apps 24 Libraries 24 Windows Settings 25 System 26 Devices 28 Network & Internet 30 Personalization 31 Accounts 34 Time and Language 37 Ease of Access 38 Privacy 39 Update and Security 41 Control Panel 43 System and Security 44 Network and Internet 45 Hardware and Sound 47 Programs 48 User Accounts 49 Appearance and Personalization 50 Clock, Language, and Region 51 Ease of Access 51 The Computer Management Snap-in 51 Configuring Windows Updates 53 Configuring Windows Update Settings 54 Using a WSUS Server with Windows 10 58 Configuring Windows Update Policies 58 Managing Update History and Rolling Back Updates 64 Updating Windows Store Applications 65 Configure Updates in the Enterprise 67 Implement Insider Preview 68 Current Branch (CB) 69 Current Branch for Business (CBB) 70 Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) Scenarios 71 Exam Preparation Tasks 71 Chapter 2 Implementing Windows 75 “Do I Know This Already?

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