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During this early planning stage, the Division G-2, under Colonel Jim Howcroft, provided a detailed understanding of the enemy that enabled the Division to focus its combat power to devastating effect on the vulnerabilities of the Iraqi Army.

The CG's guidance went out to every Marine in the Division, "I want you to get yourself spiritually ready for this fight, and to seek forgiveness for what we are about to do to the Iraqi Army." Orienting on the Enemy: The Iraqi Battlespace By the CG's design, operations would be based on sound intelligence.

With the 1st Marine Division in Iraq, 2003 No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy Cover: In early April 2003, Marines of Company C, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, move to secure the area following a firefight south of Baghdad. Groen and Contributors Occasional Paper HISTORY DIVISION MARINE CORPS UNIVERSITY QUANTICO, VIRGINIA 2006 Other Publications in the Occasional Papers Series Vietnam Histories Workshop; Plenary Session. Although the first 50 km of Iraqi territory was the same desert terrain the Division had encountered in the first Gulf War, the marshes of the Fertile Crescent lay just to the north.

Reed) With the 1st Marine Division in Iraq, 2003 No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy by Lieutenant Colonel Michael S. A second major planning factor for the Division's operations was the terrain in southern Iraq.

Given the Regime's previous use of these weapons against Iranians and Kurds, the Division was not willing to 'wish away' this capability.

It was considered likely that the Regime would use these weapons at some point as Division forces advanced into Iraq.

Thomas Holcomb, 1879-1965, Register of His Personal Papers. To extend the Division's logistical culminating pointy vehicles were fitted with external fuel reserves ; such as these FLEXCELL fuel bladders on an Ml Ah 3 saw beyond the risks of individual tactical engagements to the lives of those saved by a rapid end to the conflict.

Pictured here are Marines manning fighting positions during the operational pause along Highway 1.

We make yogurt and butter and also my children drink some milk. This intent would allow the Division to continue the attack in an extended command and control environment under the most arduous of circumstances. Perhaps most importantly, the vision included a Division that had a well-understood commander's intent, from the Commanding General to the youngest Sailors and Marines.JEN’s female beneficiaries take care of their livestock at their homes through feeding, watering and milking. In the past, we used to rear goats at home with a little milk production.Now my family has got one cow from JEN which gives around three liters of milk a day.

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